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About Us

Who are we:

At Mils Café, we pride ourselves on being an innovative and independent start-up, dedicated to offering the most exceptional and unique tea beverages in the market. Our passion sets us apart, creating a niche that few can match.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our exclusive tea blends are designed to captivate and satisfy our customers, providing an immersive and indulgent tea-drinking experience. But we don’t stop there; our ambition is to transform every visit into a journey of culinary delight. That's why we complement our teas with a selection of the world's most beloved dishes - from the vibrant flavors of Mexican wraps to the delicate sophistication of French rolls, the hearty warmth of Spanish breads, and the classic comfort of English favorites.

Our mission is to redefine the standards of tea brewing and enjoying, aspiring to meet and exceed the expectations of a world-class café. Join us at Mils Café, where every sip and bite takes you on a journey of taste and excellence.

We are Mils Fills Your Heart


To establish and be trusted as a unique tea blend provider in the market registering in the mindset of coffee lovers as the best alternative social and business drink in world-class standard they expect for


Provide high-quality products made from responsibly sourced rich & healthy ingredients. Earn the trust of customers, employees and partners by setting and maintaining high standards of quality and ethics.

Growing with every sip, thriving with every bite

fills your heart!

Our Founder & CEO’s Message

We at Mils Café, believe in giving the best value for money to the customers with our carefully crafted
own blend of ingredients for every item we prepare. With the blessings of the almighty and the support
of customers, we are confident of thriving in the market by constantly innovating our fusion of tempting
recipes thus filling the hearts of customers at every sip and bite they indulge in.

I am thankful to the highly skillful team behind our brand and operation who always give much attention
to detail in every single thing that goes to the public.

“Innovate to happy the customers is the key element of business success”


Moosa Milhan

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